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Using Case Studies to Generate Leads

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Every company realises that capturing their successes in engaging case studies is essential for attracting and winning new customers.

What many sales organisations fail to realise is that the very words and phrases happy customers use can be reverse engineered to improve target customer profiling and lead qualification.

It's hard to emphasise enough the power of using how a customer describes the value in what you offer to improve the way in which your sales teams prospect new business.

Case Studies Demonstrate Who You Help And WHY!

By focusing on where you have the most success, sales teams can work out which customers make the best target profiles. Sales can even go one step further by creating qualification questions that will lead conversations onto the key problems happy customers value the most which you've solved.

Sales CAN help Marketing!

So why aren't your marketing teams knocking out case studies like there's no tomorrow? Have you seen the internet recently? Websites, blogs, social media, ebooks, webinars; there are simply too many other channels that need attention. Not to mention raising awareness of new products and services.

Involving Sales Helps Onboarding

One of the best ways to onboard a new hire salesperson is to let them hear right from the source why customers choose your business. Task new hires to note the exact words and phrases happy clients use and get them to create their own qualification questions. Questions if asked correctly will lead the conversation onto the same areas and reveal the same challenges that need to be addressed.

Questions Sell / Open Questions

Certain questions demonstrate you understand a client's pain, others can create intrigue that lets customers sell ideas to themselves. Knowing WHAT open questions to ask and WHEN has been proven to help qualify prospects in AND out. Sales people need to be prepared to qualify out as soon as it seems apparent they're not a good fit.

In today's competitive landscape, the customer is not only always right, they should be the focus of everything until real needs are uncovered. There is only one way to uncover and expand the implication of the problems caused if these needs go unattended? You guessed it, questions!

Not sure which questions would work best?

Then feel free to contact us or visit SalesHERO for more information


- Case studies for Marketing - why you need as many as possible

- Case studies SELL - how new sales hires can help !

- Case studies help onboarding - how they help new hires target&prospect better!

- Case studies reveal the REAL value of what you offer = prospecting should follow suit

- Open Questions - the right questions help customers sell to themselves

In Summary

At SalesHERO we believe the whole customer sales cycle works best when both departments are aligned to the same goal - winning more customers. Just as sales would argue marketing should help them by providing more case studies, the reality is that sales can help too by being more involved in the process.

The fact that the case study creation is great training for new hires is simply a fantastic bonus!

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