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 . . . If you have a license key, you can get a copy from OIRA7 . . . . Version and requirements Version history See also Crac References External links Category:Virtualization software Category:2012 softwareQ: Ansible - if statement issue with /etc/init.d/check_tty I've the following task in my ansible file to check if the /etc/init.d/check_tty is enabled or not: - name: Check whether check_tty is enabled or not command: /usr/sbin/chkconfig --list register: output failed_when: '"check_tty" is not defined' It's not working. The output I'm getting is: ok: [] => { "output": { "changed": false, "msg": "All items completed", "results": [ "/etc/init.d/check_tty", "/etc/init.d/check_httpd", "/etc/init.d/check_iscsi", "/etc/init.d/check_rpc" ] } } When I use the same command to check if the /etc/init.d/check_httpd is enabled or not it works: failed_when: '"check_httpd" is not defined' When I remove the failed_when it works too. I'm not able to understand why? A: Yes, it is because check_tty is not a task but a module. In modules there is no failed_when attribute. Read more about module failures. Q: Grouping methods in a Java class




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Proteus 7 7 For Windows 7 Full Crack Free Download
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