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Be Your Own Coach

Built from over 20 years experience in business development, enterprise sales and solution selling, SalesHERO is a a self-coaching framework designed by sales professionals, proven to help anyone in B2B sales stay positive, motivated and effective.


Happiness - Staying positive in a world of "not right now"

Execution - amplify your strengths, limit your weaknesses

Routine - Control what you can, prepare for what you can't

Organisation - remaining effective while highly active

Self-Coaching Sessions

Sales HERO - logo.png


The new ABC of Sales!

In today's connected world there really is no need to rely solely on cold calling to identify prospects. 


Anything But Cold! (ABC!) combines the techniques, platforms and processes successful salespeople use to spend more time speaking to interested prospects.


New tricks for the old "dog and bone" 

The Role of Outbound Activity Today

Demonstrating value before first contact

Client profiling & social selling

Sales HERO - logo.png


Pitch & Present With Confidence

Whether presenting to a room full of decision makers or simply making that all important first impression EPICLY SPEAKING is for anyone looking to perfect their delivery when pitching to clients or presenting to C-level & large audiences.

Despite the majority of experienced salespeople knowing how to work the room, everyone will have frozen during a pitch or misread a client face-to-face at some point.



Introductory Meeting Checklist

Engaging with larger audiences
Presenting Remotely (Zoom or similar) 

Verbal & Non-verbal cues

Ensuring a realistic "Call to Action"

My Story

​I landed my first sales job booking appointments IT Sales Representatives who were selling Data Warehousing software. Like many before me I progressed from booking appointments to attending them myself, to inside sales where high value sales are made entirely remotely. 


While working in Inside Sales for a enterprise software company in Barcelona I realised that all companies live or die based on their ability to find and keep customers. It all came down to lead generation & qualification. Being part of a global sales team of thousands allowed me to establish exactly what it took to find and close the most deals to become the quarterly and annual MVP. 

It was with that confidence that I left my career in sales to start my own company and today, I work as the Sales Director for Content Quality LTD, a digital content writing and translation agency we founded back in 2014.


During the last few years we have been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest brands in the world (Carrefour, Dior, Eurosport, Formica, Lastminute, Lidl, LOreal, Longines, Nissan and many more) thanks to the way our dedicated sales team identify, qualify and manage these opportunities.

After being applied successfully to a variety of different roles, from Business Development, Inside Sales, Key Accounts or even Management roles, SalesHERO and the sessions it includes are aimed to provide a self-coaching framework. One that focuses on 4 main areas that any type of sales professional can adapt and make their own.

In my experience, success in sales is about the right attitude and the right activity. It's about being realistic with what you can and can't control but also what you prefer to spend your time doing. Staying positive and effective while spinning many plates requires planning and organization.


No salesperson is 100% effective all of the time, so what should you do when things get tough? With SalesHERO, you get to set your own goals, play to your strengths and limit your weaknesses.

Whatever stage you are at in your sales career, sometimes bouncing ideas off a colleague or manager is all you need.


Every now and then it also helps to speak to someone outside of your ecosystem and for that I'm always happy to help out!



Charlie McGhee

Content Quality LTD


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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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