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Workshop 2: Lead Generation and Prospecting

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

When you've a clear idea of your ICP, the next step is to start planning how to use this information to identify which activities and channels are most likely to reveal opportunities in prospect customers.

Still not sure about your Ideal Customer Profile?

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So what exactly is covered in SalesHERO's Lead Generation and Prospecting training workshop?

SalesHERO workshops are intended to be useful to as many different B2B sellers as possible but if there aren't any steps you feel are relevant to your job, simply skip this workshop move on to the next. You can always come back to it later.

To find out exactly what we cover and what you will need to prepare before attending this workshop, check out the introductory video below.


Workshop 2:

Lead Generation and Prospecting


  • To equip sales professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively generate and prospect for leads.

Recommended activities:

  • Understand which types of lead generation and prospecting methods work best for what you are selling. Phone, Cold Emails, Social Selling, Email Marketing, Referrals etc

  • Identify the target audience based on your ideal customer profile (ICP). Example: Industry, company size, job title, pain points etc. If you're not sure about your ICP check out the Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) workshop.

  • Develop a comprehensive demand generation and prospecting plan. Define goals, identify channels, set deadlines

  • Utilize sales tools and technology to streamline the process. Examples: LinkedIn Sales Navigator, email automation tools

Key takeaways:

  • Implement effective lead generation and prospecting strategies to identify and engage potential customers.

  • Leverage sales tools and technology to streamline the process and increase productivity.

  • Continuously refine and improve lead generation and prospecting techniques based on data and feedback.

What's Next?

  • Lead Qualification & Discovery Habits

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