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Workshop 3: Lead Qualification & Discovery

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

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This workshop covers Lead Qualification and Discovery Habits and is intended to be useful to as many different B2B sellers as possible.

At Sales HERO we are dedicated to giving B2B sellers tried and tested skills and best practices they can put to use in their day-to-day sales activity.

If there's any steps you feel aren't relevant to your job simply skip them and move on to the next workshop, you can always return later.

To find out exactly what is covered and what you will need to prepare before attending this workshop, check out the intro video below:


Workshop 3:

Lead Qualification & Discovery Habits


  • To help sales professionals effectively qualify leads and conduct open-ended discovery calls that create rapport and establish credibility.

Recommended activities:

  • Map customer value drivers to prospecting questions. Example: "Which areas of your business are you focusing on at present?"

  • Develop discovery qualification questions to assess fit. Example: "What's your current process for XYZ?"

  • Create talk tracks that incorporate customer language for rapport and credibility. Example: "We've helped companies in your industry Increase Revenue/Reduce Cost/Reduce Risk through XXX and XXX, how would this impact your business?"

  • Understand the importance of lead qualification and various qualification criteria. (Budget, timeline, decision-maker availability etc)

  • Develop a structured approach to lead qualification interviews. Ask questions that will reveal pain points, desired outcomes and buying process for each.

  • Utilize open-ended discovery techniques to gather valuable information. Use "TED" (Tell, Explain, Describe for me) questions to encourage elaboration and be sure to actively listen to responses that relate to a potential business case.

  • Identify key signals indicating a qualified lead. E.g. prospect has indicated interest, clear need or has decision-making authority on key areas.

Key takeaways:

  • Implement a systematic lead qualification process to identify promising leads and prioritize sales efforts.

  • Conduct open-ended discovery calls to gather deep insights into potential customers' needs, challenges, and goals.

  • Leverage information from discovery calls to tailor sales pitches and proposals.

  • Develop prospecting questions that identify potential customers fitting your ICP. "Does your company rely on / value XXX?"

  • Use discovery qualification questions to assess potential customers' needs and fit. Example: "What are the biggest challenges you are currently facing?"

  • Craft talk tracks that resonate with potential customers' pain points and value drivers. Example: "We understand that XXX is a challenge for many businesses. Our solution can help with XXX and also XXX, how do you address these?"

What's Next:

  • Identifying & Aligning with Customer Buying Process

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