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coaching frameworks designed

FOR sales reps BY sales reps!


By execution we mean being self-aware enough to put in place goals and objectives that are in the best interests of your role and the responsibilities relating to it.

Ensure you always do what you set out to do when it comes being accountable to yourself and to the customers you interact with.

Execution (with customers)

Always put your customers pain points and needs FIRST

Use active-listening & build trust to keep the conversation going

Focus on building mutually beneficial relationships

Follow-up consistently and go the “extra mile” to stand out

Establish daily activities that enhance your key strengths

Be honest, hold yourself accountable to own goals and objectives

Learn from setbacks and adjust your approach where necessary

Execution (by sales role)

SalesHERO can help!

We help sales teams capture what it takes to stay POSITIVE, MOTIVATED and EFFECTIVE!

SalesHERO offers a self-coaching framework for salespeople to capture what works best for their specific role, territory, experience and selling style. 

SalesHERO helps you capture & cross-pollinate top performer cadences in a way that benefits the entire sales organisation & onboarding process

Gain insight from the
ContentQuality blog and access
all episodes ofthe

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SalesHEROES is a knowledge sharing community accessible via Patreon where B2B sales professionals gain access to exclusive podcasts, sales enablement content, webinars and courses to help them develop new sales skills and perform more consistently.

All of the content we share on Sales
HEROES is intended to help bridge the gap between the IDEAL and the REAL and help sales reps put to work proven practices that will positively impact deals currently active in their pipeline.

As a Sales
HEROES Patron you also gain exclusive access to:

  1. The SalesHERO Portal where you can customise and download a personalised coaching framework suited to your specific role, experience or territory.

  2. EXTRA BONUS Content from the Stories Worth Sharing podcast series with additional coaching tips and extended interviews.

  3. Unlimited Lead Advice to improve targeting and qualification

  4. Deal Opportunity Validity Evaluations (DOVES) - Are you getting the right signals OR is your time being wasted? Do you deserve to be in a certain deal?  Is a competitor already being in play?

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Self-Coaching Workshops

appiness - Staying positive in a world of "not right now"

xecution - amplify your strengths, limit your weaknesses

outine - Control what you can, prepare for what you can't

rganisation - remaining effective while highly active

SalesHERO Introduction - SESSION HIGHLIGHTS (2-3 hours)

The new ABC of Sales!

Sales HERO - logo.png


In today's connected world there really is no need to rely solely on cold calling to identify prospects. 


Anything But Cold! (ABC!) combines the techniques, platforms and processes successful salespeople use to improve targeting and spend more time speaking to interested prospects.


New tricks for the old "dog and bone" 

The Role of Outbound Activity Today

Demonstrating value before first contact

Client profiling & social selling

Sales HERO - logo.png


Present With Confidence

Whether presenting to a room full of decision makers or simply making that all important first impression EPICLY SPEAKING is for anyone looking to perfect their delivery when pitching to clients or presenting to C-level & large audiences.

Despite the majority of experienced salespeople knowing how to work the room, everyone will have frozen during a pitch or misread a client face-to-face at some point.



Introductory Meeting Checklist

Engaging with larger audiences
Presenting Remotely (Zoom or similar) 

Verbal & Non-verbal cues

Ensuring a realistic "Call to Action"



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities and to learn something new. If you're serious about maximising sales potential, let's connect!

+44 (0) 208 133 5549

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