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The 4 C's of Content

We’ve all heard by now that content must be semantically relevant, interesting, and engaging. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, content marketing is the crucial tool to further the dialogue with your customers, promote your business, and grow your company. But how can you ensure your content is as good as it should be?

A simple rule to follow is our ‘Four Cs’ of content creation – Correct, Complete, Consistent, Compelling.

Correct Content

The correct information is absolutely vital to building up trust with your readers and consumers. Publicly broadcasting incorrect or embellished facts about your products or brand will ultimately lead to people looking elsewhere, presumably to a competitor who appears to know what they’re talking about. Trust ultimately enables communication, and it’s vital to build that with potential customers.

Complete Content

In addition to this, your content must be whole and complete. If your blog is filled with half finished topics or arguments, readers will simply lose interest. If you’re selling products, the descriptions must be well developed to persuade website visitors to have confidence in your business.

Consistent Content

Consistent content is an absolute must. As with the completed content, half finished articles are off putting and will generate a lack of certainty in your brand. Reliability is a fundamental characteristic of a successful business – you need to deliver what people expect, and do it on time.

It’s worth taking into consideration that updating your blog frequently will ensure you are regularly seen on various social media platforms. Not only is this an excellent way to start a conversation with prospective customers, but it also benefits search engine rankings.

Compelling Content

Compelling content is the last of the four Cs, but by no means the least. With social media becoming a more prominent area of marketing, a consumer could potentially see hundreds of adverts and brand messages a day.

Your content must break through this online clutter and demand the attention it deserves. Your brand must be interesting, engaging, and memorable.

Ensuring your content follows these rules can be time consuming, so it’s worth thinking about hiring content specialists to produce and manage the regular updates and articles. We handle the content while you focus on running your company and making it a success.

Written by Beth Knox, a Project Manager at Content Network. We help clients publish more quality content, more often. Find out how we can help your business grow.

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